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Bombs dropped on North Darfur; General gives orders to fire on demonstrators in South Darfur

October 7 - 2013 EL FASHER / NYALA

The Sudanese Air Force reportedly bombed the areas of Durma and Ammar Jadid village on Sunday evening, north of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur.

The official Spokesperson for the Sudan Liberation Movement for Justice, led by Karbino, Mohamed Ahmed Yaqoub reported to Radio Dabanga that an Antonov aircraft dropped nine bombs on areas around Durma and the village of Ammar Jadid. Several farms burned while a number of people fled to El Fasher. Others hid in the mountains and the valleys.  

Yaqoub added that the Antonov aircraft was still circling above the region. He appealed to the UN Security Council to intervene and establish a no-fly zone for military aircraft to remove the danger to the life of citizens and avoid the destruction of their property.

Live ammunition

A celebration rally of the Popular Police Forces took place on Sunday in Nyala, capital of South Darfur. The rally was attended by the governor of South Darfur Adam Mahmoud Jar el Nabi and General Sir Bashir Hussein, Commander of the Military Region of South Darfur.

Hussein, in his speech, threatened to deal with “the collaborators with the armed rebel movements” by referring to the option of opening fire on them without trial.

The Commander also reportedly directed the Sudanese Armed Forces and the police of Nyala to fire live ammunition at citizens demonstrating, stressing his non-recognition of human rights.

He added that citizens cooperating with rebels in South Darfur state will be dealt with as rebels and will face a military trial.

Hussein: “Those we know we will not prosecute. But we will prosecute, by ourselves, those we know are cooperating with the outlaws (the rebels). We are not afraid of human rights, or of the red devil. You are okay or not okay. In the last case, we shoot you in the head.”

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