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At least five dead in Central Darfur ‘retaliatory attack’

June 22 - 2016 TUR
Fire rises over Tur in Central Darfur following an attack by militant Abbala tribesmen on Monday (RD)
Fire rises over Tur in Central Darfur following an attack by militant Abbala tribesmen on Monday (RD)

At least five people were killed and eight injured on Monday afternoon in an attack by militant Abbala tribesmen on Tur in Nierteti locality, Central Darfur.

There was also widespread theft in the city’s market and houses. Fires were set in the eastern, northern and western parts.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that a group of militant Abbala in vehicles and motorcycles, and others on camels and horses, attacked Tur from the eastern side at 4 pm on Monday. Five people died on the spot, and eight were wounded. Witnesses said that the city's population fled and sought shelter in the military garrison in Tur.

They added that militant Abbala tribesmen continued roaming the city from house to house, loading their loot into Land Cruisers and camels until Tuesday.

They said that they couldn’t determine an accurate number of victims and losses yet, because they couldn’t enter the city.

The Commissioner of Nierteti locality addressed those who took refuge at the military garrison of Tur. Callers said the Commissioner told them that he could not face the Abbala militants, and that he needs more troops to confront and expel them from the city.

There were various accounts of the reason for the attack. Some witnesses said it was in retaliation for livestock theft by the armed movements, while others said it was because one of the Abbala herders was killed, and his cattle stolen on Monday.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, militants broke into three adjacent houses in El Matar district in Nyala, the capital of South Darfur, which sparked panic in the neighbourhood.

A witness said that paramilitary group members stole money, gold jewellery, electronic appliances, and clothing at gunpoint.

The population feld into the surrounding countryside to take refuge from the attack. Below: Pople wounded in the attack.

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