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Arrest of Salah Gosh, ousted security chief and Darfur war planner

May 19 - 2011 KHARTOUM

The security authorities, amid complete secrecy, have arrested the former head of security and presidential advisor for security affairs, Major General Salah Abdallah (aka Salah Gosh).

Sources told Radio Dabanga that Gosh was under arrest in Kober Prison in Khartoum North. He was reported to be in the same cell where the recently released secretary-general of the Popular Congress Party, Hasan El Turabi, had been detained.

The Prison Administration has increased the level of security and the number of guards in the towers of the prison while placing non-police personnel near Gosh’s cell. In addition to these measures, an increase in the number of armoured vehicles around the prison was noticed.

Gosh's wife confirmed two days ago that her husband had not returned home.

Salah Gosh is considered to be one of the masterminds and executors of the war in Darfur and the horrors that resulted from it. The security bureau, during his era, became famous for practicing violations of human rights and running death houses. It is also believed that he would sometimes torture the prisoners himself.

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