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Abduction, goats stolen in North Darfur camp

October 27 - 2015 KASSAB
Goat herders in Sudan (file photo)
Goat herders in Sudan (file photo)

Gunmen abducted a displaced man of Kassab camp near his farm in Kutum locality in North Darfur on Sunday. A day later, a shepherd from the camp was shot and robbed of hundreds of goats he herded for other displaced people.

A displaced woman in Kassab told Radio Dabanga that five pro-government militiamen in a Land Cruiser accused Idris Abdallah Babakir of stealing their goats and attacked him on Sunday evening as he made his way to his farm. Abdallah Babakir was severely beaten and put into the vehicle.

The militiamen drove him to Damrat El Signi and claimed that he has been stealing their goats for two months. The woman said that Abdallah Babakir was released late on Monday.

Militiamen shot goat herder Fathi Babikir Ahmed from Kassab, on Monday. He was seriously injured and taken to the hospital in Kutum for treatment.

A Sheikh in the camp reported to Radio Dabanga that the gunmen robbed him of more than 300 goats that belong to the displaced people of Kassab. The goats were taken to the Menen area west of Kutum.

Radio Dabanga could not confirm whether the same militiamen were also involved in the incident on Sunday evening.


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