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61 Sudanese tribesmen still imprisoned

September 28 - 2017 ABU KARINKA
File photo
File photo

The deputy Nazir of the Maaliya, seven native administrators, and 54 other members of the tribe are still being held in the prisons of Kober, Port Sudan, and Abu Karinka since they were arrested on August 4 and sentenced under the Emergency Law to six months’ imprisonment by Gubernatorial Decree.

El Azrag Hasan Humeida, head of the youth organisation of Adila, Abu Karinka, and Keleikil Abu Salama, told Radio Dabanga that among the detainees are the deputy nazir, along with 24 others, who have been held in Kober prison since they were arrested. He said that seven of the native administrators and 30 other people are being held at Port Sudan Prison since they were arrested on July 29.

He said the detainees include three teachers who were arrested from schools in Adila on August 10, while 24 other youth leaders were still being held in custody in Abu Karinka.

He also pointed to the arrest of three youth leaders and some teachers, including Fayez Ahmed Ismail, Ahmed Kateira and Sheikh Abu Hureira Ahmed Mohammed. on Friday September 15 from in front of Adila Grand Mosque by the security apparatus and then handed over to the rapid support forces.

The youth organisation announced in a statement its support for the legal process of getting rights.

At the same time, it announced its unlimited support for the 60-strong panel of lawyers as an indictment representing the blood relatives of Maaliya.


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