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2 policemen, 2 civilians killed in separate assaults in South Darfur

April 19 - 2013 BURAM

Three isolated assaults against commercial vehicles in South Darfur this week left two policemen and two civilians killed, in addition to nine injured, in different parts of the state. South Darfur has been witnessing a large wave of insecurity in the last months.

The first incident occurred against a Thames car that was traveling from Nadhif towards Buram. Eyewitnesses said that at about 7:00pm one of the passengers asked to be dropped off somewhere four kilometers away from Nadhif and the driver decided to use the opportunity to perform Friday’s prayers.

In the meantime, the passenger returned to the vehicle accompanied by gunmen and they opened fire on the car. Four people were injured, including the driver Mustapha Yaqoub and commuter Yissa Ishaaq.

The second attack took place at 8:00pm on the Allafa road at the Al Kadaya area, sources said. Gunmen opened fire on a trade vehicle that was traveling from Nyala killing the policeman Hussein Abu Hallah and injuring two others.

Wounded victims of all attacks were taken to a hospital in Buram.


On Friday, “pro-government militias” riding motorbikes, horses and camels, opened fire on vehicles traveling from Marshang to East Jebel Marra on the Al Malam road.

The armed robbery against the four-vehicle convoy left one policeman killed and another three persons critically wounded.

Sources said the policeman was called Jabir Hussein and that he was also known as Tico. The injured victims are being treated in Nyala, they added.

The same group has reportedly opened fire on a vehicle two days before killing a man and a woman.

Map: Buram, South Darfur

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