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JEM and its Bashar splinter faction clash in North Darfur

April 19 - 2013 JEBEL DARMA

Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) spokesman declared its splinter faction JEM-Bashar, ambushed them in North Darfur on Friday with the support of pro-government militias.

The group led by Mohamed Bashar Ahmed broke away from JEM last year and soon after began direct negotiations with the Sudanese government.

Both parties signed a peace treaty in Doha earlier this month and its members were assigned positions within the Sudanese army and government.

Jibril Adam Bilal, spokesman of JEM which claims not having any links with JEM-Bashar, said his movement was ambushed by the breakaways and militias near water wells in Jebel Darma.

He claims JEM managed to repel the attack and defeat the splinter faction and militants before taking control of JEM-Bashar’s main camp in Jebel Darma.

Many vehicles and equipment were seized, the spokesman said, although a complete inventory is underway.

Radio Dabanga could not immediately contact JEM-Bashar for comments.

File photo: Mohamed Bashar Ahmed

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