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Two dead in North Darfur attack

February 10 - 2022 EL FASHER
File photo (RD)
File photo (RD)

Two people were killed and eight were wounded, of whom three are currently in critical condition, after an attack by armed men on Tuesday in the village of Gura Farjawiya in North Darfur.

The activist Adam Juma told Radio Dabanga that a group of armed militiamen on board a truck and a Land Cruiser installed with a heavy-artillery gun, stormed the village, and arrested the mayor, Mohamed Akbar. The armed men then threatened to steal their cows if the villagers did not pay five million Sudanese pounds. After the villagers refused to pay the ransom, militiamen open-fired on them, instantly killing Mohamed El Din (25) and Mukhtar Mohamed (30).

Among the eight injured, three of whom sustained critical injuries from being shot in the head and were transported to El Fasher hospital, whilst the others were treated in Kabkabiya Hospital.

Adam explained that the villagers informed the authorities, who arrived after the invading militia had already looted and burned the farms in the village.

The attack on Tuesday was followed by another raid in the same area yesterday, where militias had burned an entire market area. Juma said that the security situation was tense and called for an “urgent intervention from the government authorities and humanitarian organisations”.

El Fasher medics strike

The staff of the El Fasher specialised hospital for women and obstetrics, announced a total strike as a result of an attack on the medical staff by members of the security services on Tuesday.

Sources told Radio Dabanga that members of the security assaulted the staff, by beating and threating them with weapons, which led to a complete strike at the hospital. Medical staff have called on the authorities to provide protection against the repeated attacks by the security services.

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