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17 Gimr men detained since May for aiding Darfur rebels

September 21 - 2010 KULBUS

Tribal leaders in West Darfur revealed that the military intelligence arrested 71 Gimr men on 12 May in the area of Halilat near Kulbus in South Darfur. Most were released while 17 have remained under arrest. They were arrested on suspicions of supporting the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM).

The Gimr are a minor tribe. Analysts of the Darfur conflict do not normally associate the Gimr with any of the rebel factions. Rather, they usually describe them as pro-government.Sources told Radio Dabanga that the body of Ishag Mohamed Adam Bashir, a central reserve policeman, was handed over to leaders of the tribe on Friday. Others may have been beaten or tortured in detention, said a detainee who had managed to escape from a prison grounds in the area of Seleia. He said that he did not know the number of those who have been charged with collaboration with the Justice and Equality Movement.

He said that the 17 Gimr detainees are: Mohamed Ahmed Dodo, the sheikh Abakr Musa Mohamed, the omda Suleiman Yahia Abakr, Maaz Ibrahim Abdullah Abakr, Mohamed Amer Abdullah, Ismail Abdullah Musa, Mohamed Ali Adam, Mohamed Adam Ismail, Muhammad Adam Yahya, Mohammad Yaqub Yunus Abdullah, Habib Idris Abdullah, Idriss Yakub Yunis Abdullah, Abdelrahman Suleiman Nasr Aissa, Adam Yusuf Ahmed Bahraldin Rashid Idris, Mohamed Zakaria Fadl Abu Bakr Fadl, Ibrahim Saber Al Doom Shatta, Abdelazraq Abakr Musa.

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