15 suspected of El Geneina violence held in Darfur

The acting governor of West Darfur Maj Gen Rabee Abdallah has revealed that the independent investigative committee regarding the recent violence of El Geneina has confirmed the arrest of 15 suspected people so far. The committee is still hunting down the other alleged perpetrators of El Geneina violence.

The acting governor of West Darfur reported that the independent investigative committee regarding the recent violence of El Geneina has confirmed the arrest of 15 suspects so far. The committee is still pursuing the other alleged perpetrators. 

In an interview with Radio Dabanga that was broadcast on Tuesday, Governor Maj Gen Rabee Abdallah stated that the committee has received more than 20 complaints regarding the incidents. The committee is still open to receive any complaints from the people, he added.

He affirmed that the government is ready and determined to arrest and try anybody suspected of the violence, regardless of his or her position. 

During the interview, he reiterated that no one should be deprived of justice, and he appealed for all victims to resort to the rule of law and have faith in the judiciary system.

When he was asked about the humanitarian and health situation of the newly displaced people of Kerending camp, the governor said that there is no lack of food, shelter or medicine for the displaced in the camp. “The government is ready to receive any complaints about these issues. There are more people that have returned to the Kerending camp than there are people still in government institutions and facilities in El Geneina,” he said.

He stressed that the displaced people camp area is safe and there is building to ensure every displaced person can have a decent shelter. “There is no more barrier between the government and the displaced people in El Geneina,” he said.

The acting governor estimated that around 11,000 displaced from about 20 villages near El Geneina fled the recent violence to neighbouring Chad. He appealed via Radio Dabanga to the refugees in Chad to return home.

“I am thankful to the Sudanese people, NGOs, and UN agencies that have provided some assistance and basic needs for the newly displaced people. The NGOs and the UN agencies have rehabilitated schools, hospitals, and water facilities and provided tents and shelter materials for displaced people in Kerending camp," he concluded.

On Feb 9, 2020, Radio Dabanga reported that people newly displaced during the recent violence in El Geneina in West Darfur who have been sheltering in government institutions have reiterated their complaints about the poor humanitarian conditions and the lack of water and food. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has confirmed the transfer of more than 300 newly displaced people to a refugee camp in Chad.


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