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Young girls abducted in North Darfur road heist

May 25 - 2016 KABKABIYA
File photo
File photo

Militiamen intercepted three vehicles on the Sortony-Kabkabiya road on Tuesday. They robbed the passengers and abducted six of them, including two young girls.

One of the passengers told Radio Dabanga that a group of militiamen riding motorcycles intercepted the convoy at gunpoint, and forced the passengers to get out: “The made the passengers lie down, then stripped them of money, mobile phones, and all other possessions such as luggage.

“They then took six people, including two girls, to an unknown destination.”

The passenger said that second group of militants riding camels and horses then attacked the passengers after the first group had moved on. The drivers fled in their vehicles, but many passengers did not have time to get on board.

He said that on Tuesday, the vehicle he was travelling arrived in Kabkabiya, but the two others have not been seen so far.

The witness said Kabkabiya authorities were informed in order to move to rescue the rest of the passengers left behind, as well as the two vehicles, but the authorities have not reacted thus far.

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