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Women robbed, 13-year-old gang-raped in West Darfur

January 7 - 2016 SIRBA
Gunmen in Darfur (file photo)
Gunmen in Darfur (file photo)

Militiamen assaulted a group of young women and girls near the market of Armenkol in Sirba locality on Wednesday. They gang-raped one of them.

“Early on Wednesday evening, militiamen in a Land Cruiser intercepted a group of young women and girls who had just visited the Armankol market,” a relative of the victim reported to Radio Dabanga.

“The janjaweed robbed them of their money, mobile phones, and purchases. The victims managed to run away, except one, a 13-years-old girl. They raped her alternately for four hours,” she said.

Relatives found her unconscious and carried her to the hospital. The attack was reported to the police who did not react.

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