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Women questioned for supporting SPLM-N

November 13 - 2012 KADUGLI

News reports from Kadugli, South Kordofan, state that the security services have called in dozens of women to verify the suspicion that the women are SPLM-N supporters, Radio Dabanga has learned.

Sources explained to Radio Dabanga that the security services called in the women on Saturday November 10, keeping them in detention during the day and releasing them in the evening.

The women were allegedly requested to return to the security offices the next day. 

A source disclosed to Radio Dabanga that approximately 15 women were called in on Sunday, adding that they returned home on Monday evening. The women’s families expressed their fear that they will be exposed to ill-treatment and torture in Kadugli, which has reportedly turned into a ‘ghost town’ after the recent bombardments.

Witnesses who arrived to El-Obeid, South Kordofan, on Sunday disclosed to Radio Dabanga that schools, shops, institutions and government facilities in Kadugli are all closed since last Wednesday. Additionally, national humanitarian organizations have left the city. They disclosed that residents fled the city at night, after South Kordofan’s Governor, Ahmed Haroun, issued a decision preventing people from leaving the city unless they obtain a special permit from the security services.

The witnesses added that the city is facing fuel and food shortages, adding that the public transport between Kadugli, El-Dilling El-Obeid and Khartoum has been stopped completely.

They confirmed to Radio Dabanga that national humanitarian organizations have left the city, including the Red Crescent and the Islamic organization Da’wa, and the African Kuwaiti Muslim Committee.

The witnesses stated that the only possible way to reach Kadugli is by air or military convoy, they added to Radio Dabanga.

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