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Woman dies of thirst in North Darfur desert

May 27 - 2016 EL MALHA
A nomad settlement in the Sudanese desert (UNEP)
A nomad settlement in the Sudanese desert (UNEP)

A woman died on her way to a water source in El Malha locality, after days of dehydration.

The brother of Zahra Abdelkarim reported her death to Radio Dabanga today. “She had spent six days to travel to the water well in El Hara. Three days there and three days back.”

El Hara is 70 kilometres north of El Malha town, in a desert area.

The brother explained that annually, a number of people die from thirst in the desert. Especially the summer brings drier conditions than average. People have to travel longer distances to obtain water. “Last year, seven people died here.”

He demanded from the authorities to provide the area with water services.

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