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West Kordofan students ‘waterboarded’ by Sudan security

November 30 - 2017 BABANUSA
Waterboarding (Washington Post)
Waterboarding (Washington Post)

Two university students who were arrested in Babanusa, West Kordofan on Monday claim that they were ‘tortured with cold water’ by agents of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS).

A student leader told Radio Dabanga that on Monday, the security apparatus in Babanusa arrested Asim Yousif Babu of the Faculty of Sharia at El Salam University and Bahaeldin Hamad El Rayyeh of the Faculty of Education of West Kordofan University, ‘for engaging in political activity on the campus’.

“The NISS took them to the detention facilities and tortured them with cold water before releasing them on Tuesday," he reported.

The student leader said that said on Monday, the administration of El Salam University in Babanusa suspended all political activity at the university indefinitely under the State of Emergency imposed on the state.

Waterboarding is a form of water torture in which water is poured over a cloth covering the face and breathing passages of an immobilized captive, causing the individual to experience the sensation of drowning. Ordinarily, the water is poured intermittently so as to prevent death during torture, however, if the water is poured uninterruptedly it will lead to death by asphyxia with the sensation of drowning, also called dry drowning. Besides death, waterboarding can cause extreme pain, damage to lungs, brain damage from oxygen deprivation, other physical injuries including broken bones due to struggling against restraints, and lasting psychological damage. (Wikipedia

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