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West Kordofan medics on strike after residence stormed

November 22 - 2018 EN NAHUD
A child receives a vaccination in Sudan (File photo: Unicef)
A child receives a vaccination in Sudan (File photo: Unicef)

The deputy specialists of El Bashir Medical Centre in En Nahud, West Kordofan in Sudan have called-out a strike in protest against the storming of their residence.

They report that on Tuesday evening, the director-general of the hospital ordered the storming of the doctors’ quarters which were then broken-into. Their belongings were thrown outside.

In a statement, deputy specialists of surgery, anaesthesia, radiology, and ultrasound called for the dismissal the director-general of the hospital, provide them with adequate housing and improve the working environment.

The teachers of El Duweim locality in the White Nile state have complained of non-payment of their financial benefits for two years in the form of meal allowance and nature of work.

They said the delay of any allowance means losing its value as a result of the continuous increase in commodity prices in the markets.

Farmers of El Jineid Sugar Project have also complained about non-paying of their profits this season.

They have pointed out that the payment every year usually takes place in June and August.

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