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West Darfur takes measures to improve security

September 11 - 2016 EL GENEINA
(file photo)
(file photo)

The Governor of West Darfur issued a number of decrees last week to improve the security situation in the state.

Speaking in the capital El Geneina on Thursday, Governor Khalil Abdallah announced that the new “emergency orders” ban the carrying of weapons by civilians, military uniforms in public places, the use of motorcycles, and wearing the face-covering kadamol scarf, “without exception”.

The implementation of the orders will start after two weeks. The decrees also provide the formation of a special court that will deal with violators of the orders. Violators may be subjected to a fine, imprisonment, and the confiscation of the motorcycle “in case of repeated use”.

The governor said that this year 252 incidents claimed the lives of 68 people so far. In 121 of the cases, firearms were used. The crimes included murder, theft, robberies, and drug trafficking.

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