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‘West Darfur must register auction vehicles’: buyers

June 9 - 2016 EL GENEINA
File photo
File photo

Several people in West Darfur have threatened to file criminal complaints against the state Ministry of Finance for failing to complete the registration and licensing of 56 vehicles the Ministry sold through a public auction more than two months ago.

Omda Jaafar Ahamdai said in a press statement that he along with 55 others bought government Land Cruisers at an official government auction. He said that while the buyers have met the purchase terms following the auction, the traffic, customs, and anti-smuggling authorities have refused to conduct the completion of the procedures for registration of vehicles.

The finance ministry called on the buyers to be patient until the problems with the traffic authorities in El Geneina will be resolved.

Omda Ahamdai described what has happened to them as “more like the fraud and deception” and called upon the Ministry of Finance to immediately resolve the problem or refund their money.

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