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Water, electricity shortages continue in eastern Sudan

May 18 - 2017 KASSALA
Schoolgirls wash their hands in Kassala, eastern Sudan (File photo: Unicef)
Schoolgirls wash their hands in Kassala, eastern Sudan (File photo: Unicef)

Residents of Sudan’s eastern Kassala state complain about the continuous deterioration in water and electricity services, especially after the state government's increased the water bill from SDG 35 ($5.26) to SDG 62 ($9.30) within just two months.

Kassala authorities have said the increases ae in support of holding the state school competition activities next year.

In an interview with Radio Dabanga, Amor Hussein Amor, head of the Unionist Party of Kassala condemned these increases and said “it is a shame that the government foists the budget of the school competition activities on the state residents”.

He pointed to the complaints by some residents after the monthly water bill was linked with the electricity meter.

He said that “there are people who are forced to pay water bill without having water tubs in their houses.

Amor called for the need to develop laws that protect the citizen from the injustice of the government.

According to residents of the area, the water crisis is due to the low water level in the Kassala and Jamam basins, which are the main sources of water in the town. Residents stressed that “this Kassala water problem is old and repeated every summer without being radically resolved by the state authorities”.

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