Water crisis demonstrators block road in Khartoum

Protests and road blocks against the water supply disruptions in the Sudanese capital continue. “The government lets people pay for more expensive water.”

Protests against the water supply disruptions in the Sudanese capital continue. A group of women from two southern neighbourhoods managed to block the main road leading to the centre of Khartoum, from Thursday morning until the afternoon.

The women from El Azhari and El Salama positioned themselves in front of the vehicles, and chanted anti-government slogans, calling for the resumption of the water services. Traffic was jammed from 8am to 1pm. Police forces prevented people from taking photos.

Yousef Hussein, a leader in the Sudanese Communist Party, criticised the way the state treats the field of services, especially the water services.

“The government lets its citizens pay for expensive water that they should have received in a normal way,” he stressed. “The price of a barrel of water in remote neighbourhoods has risen to 100 Sudanese pounds.”

Khartoum state announced the allocation of SDG9.5 million ($1.57 million) to solve the potable water crisis in the city on Thursday. The emergency budget will be used to provide treatment and new power generators to water stations, to avoid a negative impact by the electricity shortage. The announcement was made following a meeting of the new Governor, Abdelrahim Hussein, with the Khartoum State Water Corporation (KSWC).