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Wali: ‘Security greatly improved in East Darfur’

March 22 - 2018 ED DAEIN
Security forces guarding a bus station in Central Darfur (File photo)
Security forces guarding a bus station in Central Darfur (File photo)

Anas Omar, the governor of East Darfur announced that the security in his state has greatly improved following the security measures taken by his government in July 2017.

On Wednesday he stressed in a press conference in Khartoum that the state does not face any security threats nor are there any security obstacles in the development process.

He explained that reports of killings has decreased in the state compared to pre-security measures from 61 to six, looting from 48 to zero, theft from 24 to one, while the death toll has decreased from 96 to four and the looted and stolen money dropped from 9155,455 to one recovered Land Cruiser.

Darfur Land Commission

The Darfur Land Commission announced the launching of the Darfur Land Commission projects which are fully funded by donors through UN organisations, with a total of 20 million Dollar, 25 percent of which are funded in cash and 75 percent funded through expert houses.

On Wednesday the Commissioner of the Darfur Land Commission, Mohamed Saleh Abdallah, reported at a media platform of the federal governance bureau the implementation of more than 95 percent of the map of land uses in the five states of Darfur.

He pointed out the importance of implementing of the outputs of the land use map and translating them on the ground by establishing information centres.

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