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Violence in Darfur: Shooting, abduction, robberies

August 6 - 2017 GIREIDA / TAWILA
A Darfuri gunman (file photo)
A Darfuri gunman (file photo)

Two farmers and their son were shot and robbed in Gireida in South Darfur on Friday. In North Darfur’s Tawila, two farmers were kidnapped and the passengers of four commercial vehicles were robbed.

“On Friday morning, three militiamen riding horses suddenly appeared at Donki Abeer Raghib, 30 kilometres north-west of Gireida,” an eyewitness told Radio Dabanga.

“They began to fire randomly at the farmers working in the area. Ali Yagoub, his wife Hawa Suleiman, and their son Adam were hit. As Ali was seriously wounded, he was taken to the Nyala Hospital, while his wife and son are being treated at the Hospital of Gireida.”

He said that the attackers stole Yagoub’s horse. The incident was reported to the police of Gireida.


On Thursday evening, a group of seven militiamen wearing military uniforms driving a Rapid Support Forces Land Cruiser mounted with a Dushka machinegun intercepted four Land Cruisers.

The commercial vehicles were on their way from Fanga in Tawila (eastern Jebel Marra) to the Zamzam camp for the displaced south of the North Darfur capital of El Fasher.

“The paramilitaries stopped us at gunpoint in the area of Guwa Gouno,” one of the passengers reported.

“They beat us with their rifle butts, and robbed us of our money, about SDG 13,000 ($ 1,940) in total, mobile phones and blankets. They took the spare tires of each vehicle as well.”


On Friday, herders kidnapped two farmers at Dubbo El Omda in north-west Tawila.

“The herders came in two Land Cruisers and on two motorcycles, to the farms of Ibrahim Abdeljabbar and Mousa Badawi,” a relative of one of the victims told this station.

“They accused them of stealing their camels and took them with them by force to an unknown destination.”

He said that the families of the abductees gathered in front of the Dubbo El Omda army garrison, demanding the troops to hunt down the kidnappers, but the garrison’s commander told them that he is not authorised to do so, and told them to go to the Commissioner of Tawila instead.

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