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Prices soar in eastern Sudan’s Kassala as Dollar continues to rise

August 6 - 2017 KHARTOUM
(file photo)
(file photo)

People all over Sudan are suffering from a steady increase in prices of basic commodities as the Sudanese Pound (SDG) continues to drop against the US Dollar on the country’s “parallel market”. About 53,770 tons of various crops have been exported from North Kordofan to Arab and other international markets during the first six months of this year.

The US Dollar sold for SDG 21.8 on the streets of Khartoum on Friday.

“This means that the prices of basic commodities will rise again,” activist Mohamed Hassan Dirar told Radio Dabanga from Aroma in Kassala.

“Most people cannot afford to buy cooking oil any more, as half a litre now costs SDG 20 ($3). The average income in the state lies around SDG 700-800 ($ 104-120),” he said. “We pay SDG 650 for a 50 kg-sack of sugar. The price of an ardeb (approx. 190 kg) of sorghum has risen from SDG 500 to SDG 700.”

He called on the authorities “to play their role in controlling the markets”.


The official Sudan News Agency (SUNA) reported on Friday that about 53,770 tons of different crops, including hibiscus, peanuts, and sesame seeds, were directly exported from North Kordofan to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Syria, and Germany, USA, Mexico, Brazil, and China.

The Director of the Kordofan Sector of the Sudanese Standardisation Corporation, El Tijani El Nueima Abdelal attributed the increase in the export to new professional trading companies and the enhanced quality of the crops.

He added that 784,000 tons of crops were transported to be sold in various parts of Sudan.

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