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UXO kills Darfur herder, women assaulted, market raided

March 15 - 2017 DOBO EL OMDA / KOBE / GILDO
UXO found near Toringa in Jebel Marra on 9 March 2016 (File photo)
UXO found near Toringa in Jebel Marra on 9 March 2016 (File photo)

A herder and his camel were killed outright when an item of unexploded ordnance (UXO) detonated in East Jebel Marra on Wednesday afternoon.

A relative of the victim told Radio Dabanga that Fadil Hamed and his camel died in the area of Dobo El Omda.

He said that the intense blast resulted “cut them both to pieces”.

Sustained conflict and aerial bombardment over the course of several years have littered Jebel Marra and other parts of Darfur and Sudan with deadly unspent explosives.


Four displaced women were injured in an attack by militants in the Kobe area north of Nierteti in Central Darfur on Monday. A relative of one of the women told Radio Dabanga that militants riding camels assaulted the group while they were collecting firewood and beat them, which caused them varying injuries.

He said 22-year-old Hawa Abdelrahman Khater suffered serious injuries and was transferred to Nierteti hospital after the incident was reported.

Also on Monday, militants stormed Sagadir market of Gildo administrative unit in Western Jebel Marra and stole goods and property from merchants, this along with stealing food for the school and teachers, furniture, books and pamphlets.

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