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US-Sudanese student shot dead outside Khartoum intelligence service social club

August 15 - 2022 KHARTOUM
Slain 21-year-old, Mohamed Magdi Taha (Social Media)
Slain 21-year-old, Mohamed Magdi Taha (Social Media)

A US student of Sudanese descent was shot dead outside Khartoum’s Nile Club, a General Intelligence Service (GIS) social club, following an apparent altercation with a security guard early Friday morning. Mohamed Majdi Taha (21), a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), was visiting Sudan on a break from his studies. He was reportedly beaten by the social club’s security guards and then gunned down.

The student was a son of Majdi Mohamed Abdallah Taha, the CEO of Sudanese telecom company Sudani. The exact circumstances surrounding of the alleged altercation between the Boston-based student and the security guards are still unclear.

A video on social media accompanying a tweet detailing Taha’s final moments, shows a group of men surrounding a car with shattered windows.

The slain university student reportedly tried to get away with his friends in a car after he was beaten.

MIT issued a statement following the death of Taha, mourning the “tragic loss of such a promising young person”.

He was described as “easy-going, fun-loving and playful”, and was an active voice in Boston’s Sudanese community, where he gave speeches and led chants at various rallies in support of Sudan’s pro-democracy protests.

Sudan doctors report

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors (CCSD) clarified that the authorities, since the dawn of the October coup, have exercised carte blanche when dealing with protesters or anyone challenging their authority.

The CCSD announced 125 demonstrators have been injured as a result of being run-over or ran-into by the security vehicles, since the October 25 military coup.

The committee said in its report that the two recorded cases of run-over killings were of Mujtaba Osman (23), who was injured as a result of being run over by a vehicle belonging to government forces on May 5. The second case was the death of a girl, Rawan Elyas (5), who was run over by a vehicle during the June 7 processions in Khartoum.

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