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Unknown disease appears in Kabkabiya, North Darfur

August 31 - 2018 KABKABIYA
The market in Kabkabiya town (RD)
The market in Kabkabiya town (RD)

An unknown disease has appeared in Kabkabiya locality in North Darfur, causing paralysis in the legs and hands, spasms, ulceration and skin discoloration.

A relative of a patient suffering from the disease reported to Radio Dabanga that the disease appeared a week ago in the area of Tigi, west of Gurra Zawiya. Three people also suffered from the symptoms.

It then appeared in the area of the Border Guards command station, west of the Misteriya grand market. Here, six people suffered from the disease.

On Wednesday and Thursday an ambulance of the Red Crescent Society arrived in Misteriya, in the western corner of Kabkabiya locality, and they have transferred the patients to El Fasher, a number of witnesses reported.

The witnesses believe that what has happened is a result of remnants of war. They pointed out the battles that took place in the area last year.

“What has happened in the areas of Misteriya and Tigi is similar to the armed clashes that happened in Jebel Marra.”

Years of conflict have left Darfur and other war-torn areas of Sudan littered with unexploded ordnance (UXO). Radio Dabanga appeals to listeners throughout the region (and elsewhere in our reception area) not to touch any ‘unexploded’ grenades or other ammunition found in the field. Mark its position clearly to alert others, and report it immediately to a camp elder, Unamid and/or the local police.

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