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University of Khartoum academics, graduates march to join sit-in

April 17 - 2019 KHARTOUM
Khartoum academics march to sit-in on Tuesday
Khartoum academics march to sit-in on Tuesday

On Tuesday, hundreds of staff and graduates of the University of Khartoum marched from the university to the sit-in in front of the General Command of the Sudan Armed Forces in Khartoum in support of the protesters and their demands.

Dr Mamdouh El Jazouli, representative of the University’s lecturers initiative, said in an interview with Radio Dabanga to be broadcast on Wednesday: “We came to deliver our voice to the protesters and assure them that we at Khartoum University lecturers, all other staff members, and graduates are with them until they achieve their demands.”

He stressed that the Interim Military Council has not yet met the demands except very little and therefore we will continue our sit-ins to make sure that the new Council is serious in achieving our demands that we mentioned.

He added “So far, we have not seen all symbols of the former regime, the perpetrators who killed thousands and looted our wealth, detained. We have not seen them strapped in prison, nor have we seen the deep state that has beset the Sudanese for more than 30 years dismantled”.

He stressed that all that happened was removal of the head of the regime, Omar Al Bashir, while the rest of the Islamists are now exercising their powers in the country.

Medics to march

This morning at 10 am, medical and health cadres will organise a White March starting from the Khartoum educational hospital until the sit-in square in front of the Armed Forces Command in Khartoum.

In a joint statement issued by health and medical personnel on Tuesday said that the White March today is led by leaders of medical and health bodies with symbols of health work and those of honourable national positions.

The statement called for the need to raise banners confirming the keeping the promise to the martyrs of the health field and all the martyrs and victims of the former regime, with the demand to provide proved of involvement in their killing to urgent trials.

The statement also called for the need to focus on demanding “the immediate release of all our brothers from Darfur and other areas of conflict, and of all the [army] officers who stood with the revolution”.

The statement urged the medical and health workers in the country to further organise themselves to contribute with the rest of the revolutionaries to guarding the revolution until the fulfilment of their demands.

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