UN Sudan Fact-Finding Mission launches investigations

Combatants in Sudan on a vehicle mounted with a 'dushka' .50-cal machinegun (File photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran / UNAMID)

The UN Fact-Finding Mission on Sudan initiated investigations in Geneva last week, urging warring factions to cease armed conflict and ensure accountability for grave violations.

Established by the UN Human Rights Council in October 2023, the Mission will probe alleged human rights violations in the conflict involving the Sudanese Armed Forces, Rapid Support Forces, and others since April 15 last year.

With a significant toll of thousands dead and millions displaced, the mission called upon all parties to actively cooperate, extending an invitation for confidential submissions.

On December 18, the council appointed Mohamed Chande Othman, Mona Rishmawi, and Joy Ezeilo as members. Othman has confirmed ongoing investigations into human rights violations, revealing that Sudanese civil society has shared serious allegations.

Rishmawi underscored the international legal obligations of warring parties, pledging independent verification. Ezeilo highlighted the Mission’s specific focus on violations against women and children, particularly instances of sexual violence and the alleged recruitment of children for hostilities.

The mission will give an oral update in June-July, a comprehensive report in September-October, and a presentation to the UN General Assembly in October.