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UN laments intensification of fighting, criminality in Darfur

April 28 - 2016 NEW YORK

In his latest report on Unamid, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon laments the increase in hostilities in Jebel Marra, as well as the rise in criminality and banditry in Darfur, since his previous report on 11 March.

“Since January 2016, the intensification of fighting between the Government of the Sudan and the Sudan Liberation Army/Abdul Wahid (SLA/AW) in Jebel Marra, including aerial bombardments by government forces, has resulted in a rapidly worsening security situation and the displacement of over 105,000 people,” Ban’s report states.

“In the meantime, the scope and intensity of intercommunal conflicts has decreased. The rate of criminality, however, almost doubled, and there was a notable increase in attacks on and harassment of civilians, including internally displaced persons, by armed men.”

Ban continues that “the reporting period saw a deterioration of the humanitarian situation in three areas in particular: Jebel Marra; Anka in North Darfur; and Mouli and Umtajok in West Darfur. Remarks by senior officials regarding the closure of camps for internally displaced persons in 2016 also raised significant concern, while the general operating environment for humanitarian organizations remained highly challenging.”

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