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UN mission 'denied access to North Darfur village to investigate mass rape'

November 5 - 2014 EL FASHER

Unamid is deeply concerned about the media reports of an alleged mass rape of many women and girls in Tabit, 60 km south-west of El Fasher, in North Darfur, and it is investigating the veracity of this information.

According to a press statement issued on Wednesday, Unamid sent a verification patrol to Tabit on Tuesday. However, the patrol was denied access at the outskirts of the town by Sudanese military at a checkpoint.

As attempts to negotiate access to Tabit were unfruitful, the Mission leadership is calling on authorities of the Government of Sudan to grant Unamid’s unhindered access to all Darfur, especially to areas were alleged incidents affecting civilians have been reported, in accordance with the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).

“Determined to obtain crucial information and leads, a Unamid integrated mission was dispatched to Zamzam camp for the displaced people on Wednesday, with the purpose of assessing and determining possible displacements from Tabit as alleged in media reports.

“Following a thorough assessment and interaction with residents and community leaders in the Zamzam area, the Unamid team concluded that no recent displacement from Tabit had occurred,” the statement says.

“As part of the investigation, Unamid’s Human Rights officers have met with the Chief Prosecutor of North Darfur who stated that not a single complaint about any rape incident was received from Tabit,” the statement concludes.

File photo: A Unamid patrol vehicle in Darfur (Albert Gonzalez Farran / Unamid)


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