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Two new cholera cases in Port Sudan hospital

February 7 - 2017 PORT SUDAN
A poster about the prevention of cholera in a camp for reguees in South Sudan (Unicef)
A poster about the prevention of cholera in a camp for reguees in South Sudan (Unicef)

Two new cases of cholera were admitted to the isolation room at Port Sudan Hospital on Sunday. A native administration leader in Toker locality died of cholera that day.

Eisa Tahir Hamid was one of the notables of Toker locality in Red Sea state. The news of his death follows the report of three people who died from cholera in Red Sea last week.

A journalist in the area told Radio Dabanga that other health centres in the state witness a drop in the number of new cases, at the Italian Health Centre for Children in Port Sudan and in health centres in Dar Es Salaam locality – where one isolation centre reached 38 cases last week.

A market in Dar Es Salaam was quarantined last Wednesday because authorities suspected an outbreak of the highly contagious disease.

On Sunday morning people of Shagar in El Ganab and El Eleib localities gathered in front of the Italian health centre for children. They protested the erection of tents in front of the centre, after it refused to receive any cases on Saturday for fear of the spread of the disease.

The state Ministry of Health has held the city’s water administration responsible for the spread of the disease, which the Sudanese government mentions as 'acute watery diarrhoea' in its reports, and accused the corporation for not dealing with the water in a healthy and scientific manner.

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