Two men killed, series of abductions in South Darfur

Two men were killed in an attack in Gireida, South Darfur, on Monday. A massive fire in El Salam destroyed 50 houses and many sacks with food.

Two men were killed and eight others were wounded when gunmen opened fire on the rikshaw that carried them to Gireida, South Darfur on Monday. A massive fire in a village in El Salam locality destroyed 50 houses and hundreds of sacks with food.

The rickshaw carried at least thirteen displaced people who were coming from Sergeila market to Gireida on Monday. Armed men opened fire on the group, and Adam Zakaria and Abdelrahman Yahya Osman were killed instantly. Eight others sustained injuries, a witness reported to Radio Dabanga.

Three of them suffered serious injuries and have been taken to Gireida hospital for emergency operations.

Fire in El Salam

On Tuesday morning a massive fire broke out in Safiya Umgad in El Salam locality, South Darfur. The flames destroyed the full contents of 50 houses, more than 700 sacks with various agricultural crops, and a number of livestock.

One of the villagers, Abul Gasim Saleh, told Radio Dabanga that the fire broke out at 2am without causing any casualties. But there are great material losses, including property, food and agricultural crops, which he estimated at around SDG1 million ($155,000).

About 30 families have no place to live and have lost their shelter, food and cover, Saleh said.

28 abductions

The part of East Jebel Marra that lies in South Darfur has witnessed more than 28 cases of abductions, including eight cases in which people are still held hostage. The cases include two children, in an abduction that came in response to livestock theft which the owners failed to restore.

The numbers were announced during a reconciliation and social peace conference in the locality in the beginning of this week. The conference has reached recommendations including the imposition of more prestige of the state, to deter insecurity.

Also recommended was further dialogue and negotiation between the armed movements in order to complete peace, along with directing organisations with voluntary return programmes for displaced people towards Jebel Marra.