Two killed in attack in West Kordofan, Sudan

Unidentified gunmen raid Dabker in West Kordofan, resulting in the deaths of two villagers, while it remains unknown who is responsible for the attack.

Two persons were killed in a raid on a village in West Kordofan on Thursday. No one has taken responsibility for the attack as of Friday evening.

The market in Dabker, El Sunut locality, was torched and looted in the attack, which was led by unidentified gunmen. Shop owner Abdelrahim Abaker and one other person were killed.

The fire burned down parts of the market and expanded throughout the area, according to a witness who spoke to Radio Dabanga from the village on Friday.

The gunmen were driving in seven Land Cruisers. During the attack, they seized a Land Cruiser mounted with a Dushka machine gun from the district police.

The armed group has fled to an unknown destination.

The photos below show the burned-down market and other parts of Dabker village on 9 April 2015 (source: Radio Dabanga)