Two killed by militiamen in Darfur

Pro-government militiamen shoot dead a resident of Zalingei, Central Darfur, on Thursday evening. Another dies at the hands of militiamen in Nyala.

Two people were killed in separate incidents involving pro-government militiamen in Central and South Darfur on Thursday.

Muawiya Abdelsalam Nasir was killed on Thursday evening inside his home in Zalingei, capital of Central Darfur. A relative of the victim reported to Radio Dabanga that at 10pm militiamen raided his house in El Muhazin neighbourhood, next to Zalingei's large market.

“They shot Muawiya in front of his family members, and he died on the spot.”

In El Jeer district in Nyala, capital  of South Darfur, a civilian was shot dead by pro-government militamen. They took his properties after killing him, a source in Nyala said.

He added that in the Kongo district in northern Nyala, a force of the police clashed with militiamen. They used heavy weapons during the clash.

The fighting has caused a panic amongst the residents.