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Two die in Darfur lorry robbery

February 15 - 2021 KABKABIYA / NIERTETI
Gunmen on motorcycles in Darfur (Social media)
Gunmen on motorcycles in Darfur (Social media)

Two people were killed and one wounded when a lorry was intercepted by gunmen in North Darfur on Saturday.

Aziza Omar from Kabkabiya told Radio Dabanga that six armed men riding camels and driving motorcycles intercepted a truck traveling from Kabkabiya to El Fasher. She said that the gunmen shot at the lorry, killing Adam Omar (23), who works as a truck assistant, and Mohamed Fadil (13). Another person was wounded. The attackers then stole the cargo. A report has been filed with El Fasher police.

In another attack on Friday, Adam Mohamed Adam (23) and Mohamed Adam Mustafa (29) were shot by a group of nine gunmen while they were on their way from Hilat Taw to Sourtini, riding donkeys as part of a group of four. The attackers stole SDG 500. Relatives of the injured told Radio Dabanga that the two victims were taken to Sourtini and then transferred to Kabkabiya.

Central Darfur

Adam Okarou, who is from Nierteti in Central Darfur, told Radio Dabanga that gunmen riding camels robbed two shops in Garani, 11 kilometres north of Nierteti. They stole goods, mobile phones and money.

He said that the gunmen fired shots in the air before loading the stolen goods on the backs of their camels. The shopkeepers have filed a report with the police in Nierteti on Sunday morning.

Adam Okarou also said that gunmen traveling in three separate vehicles intercepted a lorry on its way to Nierteti on Saturday evening. The gunmen fired shots in the air to make the lorry driver stop. They stole seven mobile phones, SDG 800,000, clothes and other possessions of the passengers.


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