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Two dead, nine injured, three kidnapped in Darfur violence

January 16 - 2017 DARFUR
Militiamen in Darfur (file photo)
Militiamen in Darfur (file photo)

People in North, Central, and South Darfur Darfur reported a number of violent incidents over the weekend.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, an activist said that a displaced man was shot dead near Sortony in Kabkabiya locality in North Darfur on Saturday.

“A group of people living in the Sortony camp were on their way to the Rokoro Market on Saturday morning, when five gunmen suddenly began to shoot at them south of the camp.” she said.

“Ismail Adam Mohamed was killed instantly. Babikir Abdallah Mukhtar sustained serious bullet wounds and had to be taken to the Unamid clinic in Sortony.”

Stabbed to death

In Kassab camp for the displaced in Kutum locality, Arafa Mohamed Adam was murdered on Friday. “A hitherto unknown person knocked her door in the evening, and stabbed her to death,” a camp elder reported.


In North Darfur’s Tawila locality, four women were injured in an attack on Sunday.

“Salma Ibrahim, Kaltoum Saleh, Fatima Yousef, and Aisha Abbas were collecting straw near Tabit, when five militiamen riding on camels intercepted them,” a relative of one of the victims told this station. “They severely beat them with their whips. Salma sustained various wounds on her head and Kaltoum’s hand was broken.”

He added that the Tabit military garrison was notified about the incident.


A group of militiamen abducted two firewood collectors 15 kilometres south of Dubbo El Omda in Tawila locality on Sunday.

“Five members of a government militia riding on camels ambushed Nasreldin Haroun and Abdelkarim Mohamed when they collected firewood near Tirbowa village,” a relative of Haroun reported. “They took them to an unknown destination.”


In Central Darfur, four people were injured in a shooting near Mukjar on Saturday.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that a group of seven armed men riding on donkeys opened fire at the Saraf Saada Koran school, 10 km south of Mukjar, with the purpose of stealing sorghum from its stores.

“Ahmed Bahreldin (48), Yousef Abdallah (25), Younes Osman (22), and Mohamed Ishag (21) sustained injuries, and had to be taken to Mukjar Hospital,” he said.

“People in the area managed to seize one of the attackers called Yasin Mohamed Shahad. They have handed him, together with his Kalashnikow, to the police of Mukjar.”


On Sunday, South Darfur security forces managed to free Dr Abu Obeida Mahmoud, who was kidnapped in the state capital the day before.

The brother of the victim told Radio Dabanga that a group of gunmen seized Mahmoud and two of his sons in front of Ansar El Sunna Mosque in Nyala on Saturday evening. “They released the boys after a distance, and took Abu Obeida to an unknown destination.”

He explained that security forces discovered that his brother was held in a house at the Nyala-Kass- Zalingei highway. “They immediately raided the house, and released Abu Obeida. He safely returned to his home in Nyala on Sunday afternoon.”

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