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Two dead as East Darfur locality police clash

December 18 - 2017 YASSIN / GIREIDA
A police station in Darfur (File photo)
A police station in Darfur (File photo)

Two people were killed and another wounded in a shooting by police in East Darfur’s Yassin locality during operations to collect zakat (Muslim alms).

Witnesses told Dabanga Radio that on Saturday a group of zakat collectors from Yassin locality arrived with police at the Hash area, which is disputed between Yassin and Gireida localities.

The residents refused to pay the Yassin collectors on the pretext that the area is part of Gireida locality. This prompted the Yassin locality police to open fire and shoot Mohammed Osman Ishag dead, and wounded his brother Yahya Osman.

They added that Gireida police intervened and exchanged fire with Yassin police. El Bagir Mohammed Ahmed, the driver of the zakat team vehicle, was killed in the crossfire.

They said that a force from Nyala intervened and managed to separate the police of Gireida and Yassin localities.

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