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Tribal clashes break out in the Nuba Mountains, killing dozens

December 3 - 2021 ABU JUBEIHA
Displaced in south kordofan (UNHCR)
Displaced in south kordofan (UNHCR)

Tribal clashes broke out in Abu Jubeiha in the Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan on Wednesday. The clashes led to dozens of deaths and injuries at the market and in the western parts of town. An unknown number of houses burned to the ground.

The violence that continued on Thursday led to the displacement of hundreds of people, who fled to the town centre.  

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that various types of heavy weapons are being used in the clashes and called on the authorities and regular forces “to expedite the intervention and establish security in order to protect lives and property”.

They explained that the violence erupted following the theft of cattle by Hawazma herders (a clan of the Arab Baggara tribe) from herders belonging to the Kenana tribe on Tuesday.

The cattle owners immediately formed a search posse that ran into a Hawazma ambush, whereby two Kenana tribesmen were killed. The next day, militant Hawazma and Kenana tribesmen began to attack each other, in particular at the Abu Jubeiha market and the western parts of the town.

Nuba Mountains as a second Darfur

The Nuba Mountains have seen increased violence for a long time now.

At least three farmers were killed in the Nuba Mountains in the past weeks. Sesame farmers in Dalami are complaining about recurrent thefts of their crops, while the authorities do not intervene. People say the region is becoming “a second Darfur”.

In the first week of November, seven farmers and herders were killed in separate attacks in the localities of Rashad and Talodi.

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