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Tragic traffic accident costs the lives of seven students in South Darfur

June 18 - 2021 MERSHING
A tragic traffic accident near Nyala cost the lives of seven students (SUNA)
A tragic traffic accident near Nyala cost the lives of seven students (SUNA)

Seven students died and 12 others were injured in a tragic traffic accident in Mershing, north of South Darfur's capital Nyala yesterday. The students were on their way to an examination centre to take the exams needed to obtain their Secondary School Certificate.

The 12 students injured in the traffic accident were transported to hospitals in Nyala for medical treatment.

Over 1400 students from East Jebel Marra Locality need to take their Secondary School Certificate examinations in Mershing Locality, located 85 kilometers away from Jebel Marra. Part of this area is under the control of the Sudan Liberation Movement of Abdelwahid El Nur, who has not signed Juba Peace Agreement with the Sudanese authorities.

The tragic accident happened a day after Sudan celebrated the International Day of the African Child to raise awareness of the continuing need for improvement of the education provided to African children.

Last month, the authorities in Mershing locality decided to prohibit traffic between Nyala and El Fasher following a series of robberies on the road.

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