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‘Torture and robbery’ by Sudan security at Khartoum airport

June 6 - 2018 KHARTOUM / MURNEI
File photo
File photo

Opposition parties, government forces, armed movements, and civil society organisations have denounced the alleged brutal robbing and torture of Sudanese citizen Bushara Hasan Jamil by security authorities at Khartoum airport on Saturday.

On Tuesday, the Darfur Bar Association said in a statement that it is in the process of filing a memorandum on the attack to the National Assembly and the National Human Rights Commission to demand an investigation and take necessary and appropriate measures.

It explained that it would, in solidarity with its partners, provide the legal aid necessary to file a complaint against the perpetrators in order to try them.

The bar association said that “the attack shows that the practice of discrimination and racism in the country has become a feature of the ruling regime and its elements, pointing to the frequency of information of the released detainees being subjected to brutal torture.”

Darfur killing

The bar association also said it would investigate yesterday’s report about the killing of US citizen of Sudanese origin Abdallah Abakar Yagoub from the Murnei area in Darfur by elements of the regime.

WARNING: Video below contains graphic violence that may upset sensitive viewers

Yesterday a widely circulated video revealed the death of Yagoub, while his family accused the government authorities of beating him and threatening to kill him and seize his money.

The victim's family informed the US embassy of the incident to which it plans to hand over the body. According to the video, Yagoub was arrested by members of the government authorities on his way to Murnei and his money was seized a few days ago.

Yagoub was severely beaten, threatened with death, and warned not to reveal what had happened to him, as a result of which he could not go to the hospital and died of the beating yesterday.

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