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'Three SAF troops captured in Amarjadeed, South Darfur': Rebels

October 28 - 2013 AMARJADEED

The Liberation and Justice Movement, led by Ali Karbino (LJM-K), announced that they captured three Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) troops during the clashes on Sunday in Amarjadeed, north of Manawashi in South Darfur.

The military spokesperson for the LJM-K, Mohamed Ahmed Yaqoub told Radio Dabanga on Monday that they captured SAF Lieutenant, Hafiz Mohamed Ibrahim Eldukhri, from Tawila in North Darfur, Corporal Musa Sar Jabeer, from Adila, East Darfur, and Private Izzeldin Abdallah Musa from Tulus in South Darfur, all of the 16st Infantry Division of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur.

Yaqoub appealed to all the regular Sudanese army forces to defend the people and their interests, instead of "fighting on behalf of the Khartoum regime which has killed and displaced the poorest Sudanese, humiliated all the Sudanese and which has monopolised the country’s power and wealth”.

On Sunday the LJM-K announced the death of 12 SAF troops and militiamen, the seizure of five vehicles loaded with weapons. Two SAF vehicles were destroyed. The rebels claimed that they took control of the SAF garrison in Amarjadeed.

Radio Dabanga was unable to independently verify this report.

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