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Three killed in Central Darfur tribal fighting

October 23 - 2015 UM DUKHUN
News photo: Houses burn after the tribal clash between the Berti and Beni Omran in Dar Naim in Mellit, 22 October 2015 (source: social media)
News photo: Houses burn after the tribal clash between the Berti and Beni Omran in Dar Naim in Mellit, 22 October 2015 (source: social media)

At least three people were killed in clashes between the Misseriya and Salamat tribes in Um Dukhun locality in Central Darfur. A fight between tribesmen in Mellit, North Darfur, resulted in one casualty.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that gunmen from the Salamat tribe entered the area of Muraya and stole about 150 cows on Thursday. Misseriya tribesmen caught the thieves in the act and attacked them. The witness reported that five of the Salamat and two Misseriya tribesmen were killed, and several others were wounded from both sides.

The source said that the battle was still ongoing on Friday afternoon, and that more Misseriya tribesmen had arrived at the scene.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, Central Darfur Governor Jaafar Abdelhakam acknowledged that fighting took place in Muraya. He said that three people were killed and two others were wounded. He described the fighting as an “isolated incident” and claimed that it stopped completely on Thursday.

“People from both sides are not massing in the vicinity,” Abdelhakam said, adding that he sent a commission to investigate the fighting. He said that he would pay a visit to the area on Saturday.

Thousands of fighters from the Misseriya and Salamat tribes clashed in Um Dukhun in November 2013 and February 2014. The fighting in 2013 followed tensions between the tribes since an incident in Um Dukhun in April, escalating into running battles between thousands of tribesmen from both sides. Dozens were reportedly slain. Fierce clashes broke out again after the assassination of an omda in February 2014.

Tribal fighting in Mellit

In Mellit in North Darfur, clashes between the Berti and Beni Omran tribes erupted in Dar El Naeem area, east of Mellit, on Thursday. One person was killed and four others sustained injuries. More than 40 houses in Dar El Naeem were torched (see photos from social media below).

The Deputy Governor of North Darfur, Adam Hamid El Nahla, told Radio Dabanga that authorities in El Fasher sent a military force to separate the tribal fighters and restore peace. He said that an ad hoc formed committee of the state government will visit Mellit to investigate the fighting, in an attempt to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The latest fighting between Berti and Beni Omran took place in July, triggered by cattle theft north of Mellit town. 

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