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Three killed by herders, militiamen in Darfur

December 19 - 2014 DARFUR

Three people were killed in three separate incidents in North, Central, and West Darfur states on Wednesday. One of the deceased is a child.

A basic stage student was shot dead in Jebel Moon locality, West Darfur, by an armed herder. A relative of the student, Bahir Saifuldin Gamarudin, reported to Radio Dabanga that a herder, “armed by the government”, entered his camels by force of arms in a farm at Sur valley, 3 km east of Selea. “The farmers informed the Sudanese army in the area, which in turn responded by taking two camels, until the owners paid for the damaged caused on the farms by their livestock. This irritated the camel herder and sparked him into shooting Bashir dead on the spot.” The listener called upon the authorities to protect the farmers and put an end to the violations by nomadic herders.

The second killing took place in Shangil Tobaya in North Darfur, when a group of armed herders shot dead Abdel Hamid Adam Osman, and seriously injured two others. “Pro-government herders entered their camels and other livestock onto the farmlands in Abu Hamra area [west of Shangil Tobaya],” a witness told Radio Dabanga. “When the farmers tried to chase the camels out, the herders opened fire and shot dead Adam Osman.” He reported that the two wounded are in serious condition.

A member of the Central Reserve Forces ('Abu Tira') was killed during an armed robbery on a commercial vehicle between Um Dukhun and Garsila in Central Darfur. A listener told Radio Dabanga that four pro-government militiamen ambushed a Nissan coming from Um Dukhun, 1 km away from Garsila. “The four gunmen opened fire on the vehicle, which resulted in the death of a Abu Tira member, named Habib.” The listener explained that the driver of the vehicle did not stop despite the gunfire, and continued driving until he reached Garsila.

File photo Radio Dabanga

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