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Three injured, seven missing in North Darfur highway robbery

August 24 - 2016 GIREIDA / JEBEL MARRA
A transport lorry in Darfur
A transport lorry in Darfur

Three people were injured and seven others went missing when a commercial vehicle carrying goods and passengers was ambushed in North Darfur on Monday afternoon.

Passengers told Radio Dabanga that the vehicle was travelling between Umu Khairat and Gireida, when it was stopped by eight gunmen on camels, who made-off with the entire contents of the vehicle.


On Tuesday, grazing camels triggered the explosion of a piece of unexploded ordnance (UXO) at Aradeeb El Ashara area in Jebel Marra. The shrapnel cut into the legs of 15 camels. Eight of them were killed outright, and seven others had to be destroyed.

Livestock theft

About 45 head of livestock were stolen on Monday night in the Sosua area in eastern Jebel Marra Farmers have complained of an increase in livestock theft and attacks on the farmers during the past two weeks.

They stressed that herders left their livestock graze in the farms without any action from the authorities, whichhas led to the failure of the agricultural season despite the good rains this year.

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