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Three hospitals on strike across Sudan

A medical staff member controls the access of the Emergency Room in El Fasher Hospital (Unamid)
A medical staff member controls the access of the Emergency Room in El Fasher Hospital (Unamid)

A number of hospitals in various parts of the country are witnessing strikes, including El Hasahisa in El Gezira, El Gedaref in eastern Sudan, and the surgery section of Bahri Hospital in Khartoum North, that demand better work environment.

Hospitals in Sudan are lacking the most basic components such as cotton, bandages, anaesthetics, and oxygen in emergency sections, according to the health sector of the Communist Party of Sudan (CpoS).

The opposition party called on “all health workers and the public to organise resistance committees and demand an increase in health expenditure in the budget of 2019, by all peaceful means, including submitting the memoranda, organising strikes, peaceful marches, and demonstrations in order to improve the working environment in the hospitals and provision of free health services.”

Price of medicine

The statement also called on the health sector to reject the policies of the state, which has been gravitating towards full liberalisation of the price of medicine, also by peaceful means.

As reported earlier this month by Radio Dabanga, pharmacies in the Sudanese capital Khartoum as well as the other states have witnessed a lack of many types of medicines amid rising prices.

Dr Nasri Margas, the former head of the private pharmacies department, attributed the lack of medicines to pharmacies halting importation and sales due the rise in price of the Dollar.

He explained that most of the types of drugs are not available in pharmacies and companies, pointing out that the prices of medicine have increased by 300 percent during the past months.

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