♦ This week’s news in brief ♦

A compact weekly digest of Dabanga Sudan’s news highlights from Darfur and Sudan

A compact weekly digest of Dabanga Sudan's news highlights from Darfur and Sudan


♦ Opposition party's VP imprisoned for Sudan protests

March 12 – 2019 OMDURMAN The Omdurman Emergency Court has issued prison and fine sentences against 13 members of the opposition National Umma Party (NUP), including the co-president, Dr Maryam El Sadig. She was arrested during a protest in front of the party's offices on Sunday.

Sudanese media reported that Maryam El Sadig El Mahdi had written on her Facebook page that she would not pay the fine she was sentenced to, leading to her imprisonment for three weeks.

The NUP co-president’s prison sentence is considered the first emergency court ruling against a leading political figure since the imposition of the State of Emergency last month. The State of Emergency has been ratified by parliament – for six months, instead of a year, as was decreed by president Omar Al Bashir.

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Women detainees on hunger strike – Al Bashir promises release

March 10 – 2019 OMDURMAN / KHARTOUM On Friday, dozens of women who are being held in Omdurman women’s prison entered a hunger strike to protest the oppression and arbitrary detention of women and celebrate International Women’s Day. More than 60 activists in Khartoum staged a similar hunger strike in solidarity with the women detained in connection with the demonstrations.

Overall, activists estimate that more than 150 women are currently in prison in Sudan for their participation or organisation of the ongoing protests.

In a gesture to mark International Women’s Day, Al Bashir told the head of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), which has been central to the suppression of protests, to release all women who have been detained in connection with the protests. No reports have been received to suggest any women have actually been released following the order.

The next day, the Emergency Court in Khartoum sentenced nine women protesters to 20 lashes each for participating in an unauthorised anti-government demonstration. The sentence has not yet been carried out pending an appeal.

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