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Sudan uprising: Protests continue in Khartoum, White Nile, El Gezira

A poster for the Women's March (Sudanese Professionals Association)
A poster for the Women's March (Sudanese Professionals Association)

Anti-government demonstrations calling for the removal of President Omar Al Bashir from power continued across the states of Khartoum, White Nile, and El Gezira after Friday prayers.

People went out in mass demonstrations in a number of districts of Khartoum and villages of the White Nile and El Gezira states in response to the call of the Sudanese Professionals Association and the forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change.

The residents of Burri El Dareisa, Burri El Lamab, El Kalakla and El Taif went out chanting slogans after Friday prayers calling for the regime to leave.

In Burri, the demonstrations began with loudspeakers from the mosque of Burri El Dareisa, demanding the residents to demonstrate in response to the provocations of the security forces on Thursday afternoon.

Security provocation

Security forces stormed Burri El Dareisa square driving Land Cruisers and broadcast a video in which they provoked the inhabitants of the district. Social media reported the demonstrators chanting slogans condemning the suppression of the peaceful demonstrators and demanding the regime’s immediate departure.

The security forces fired tear gas and bullets at the demonstrators and wounded one of them.

The district saw charges and counter-surges between the demonstrators and the security forces until late on Friday evening.

The demonstrators in El Kalakla closed a number of main roads using stones and the tires.

Demonstrations broke out after Friday prayers in Wad Nubawi, Hashmab and other districts in Omdurman.

Demonstrators in Wad Nubawi shouted slogans calling for retribution for the martyrs and immediate step-down of the regime.

Residents of El Elega village in White Nile state took part in similar demonstrations and chanted slogans calling for the overthrow of the regime.

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