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The Dabanga Hall of Fame

August 10 - 2018 AMSTERDAM
People listen to the radio in Sudan (Jan Joseph Stok)
People listen to the radio in Sudan (Jan Joseph Stok)

For over a month, Radio Dabanga asked for your support to sponsor a day of its life-saving radio. Have a look at the photoslides below and see who became our biggest supporters, as they have donated the most!

On 31 May, Radio Dabanga and friends started a crowdfunding campaign to keep the station on air. Radio Dabanga is the only independent radio station from and for the people of Sudan, reaching over 2,000,000 listeners a day, providing them with life-saving information and news.

Throughout the campaign we asked people to sponsor shortwave airtime. One day of lifesaving radio = €290 ($340), which are the technical costs of broadcasting one hour of shortwave radio per day. By donating a couple of minutes, hours or even weeks of airtime, people allowed us to continue to deliver lifesaving information.

You can also have your name added to this Hall of Fame forever by making a donation of €290 ($340) or more to Radio Dabanga! When making a smaller donation you can choose to receive one of our signed Thank You postcards or videos upon request.

Radio Dabanga gives a special thanks to:










Of course, every donation - also from anonymous supporters - and every message we have received is worthy to be mentioned. Therefore we have highlighted a couple of messages from supporters of the Keep It On Air! campaign here.


Thank you! Shukran jazilan!

– The Radio Dabanga team

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