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Ten people die of acute diarrhoea in Sudan's El Gezira

December 27 - 2016 WAD MADANI
Hospita in Dongola (El Rakoba)
Hospita in Dongola (El Rakoba)

Ten people died of acute watery diarrhoea in a hospital in El Gezira state on Sunday and Monday. The hospital has received dozens of infected cases.

A medical source said that the emergency hospital in Wad Medani has received “dozens of people infected with watery diarrhoea during the past few days”.

An intensive care ward, including 46 beds, was allocated in order to isolate the patients suffering from diarrhoea, the source said. They have taken samples of a number of patients and sent them to Khartoum to identify the cause of the infection, which has spread in Sudan's states of El Gedaref and River Nile, among others.

A delegation from the Federal Ministry of Health arrived earlier this week to assess the situation.

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