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Tear gas complications kill Khartoum senior

March 28 - 2019 KHARTOUM NORTH
Tear gas at a recent demonstration in Khartoum (File photo)
Tear gas at a recent demonstration in Khartoum (File photo)

An 80-year-old man has died of breathing complications after tear gas was fired into his house in Khartoum North by government forces on Sunday.

The Sudanese Doctors Central Committee said in a statement that Hashim Hadra died at his house at Shambat El Hadarab district in Khartoum North due to complications caused by tear gas thrown by the regime’s militia, according to statements by his family and some medical staff in the district.

“Our medical estimates according to the history of the disease confirms that the most likely cause of death is breathing muscle stress due to tear gas. Information indicates that Hadra already suffered from shortness of breath at the time the tear gas canisters were thrown into his house.”

The statement said that initially, El Hadarab youths climbed of the walls of the house to reach and assist him, or he might well have died immediately. Unfortunately Hadra succumbed.

The statement said that such cases with the elderly might worsen after a few days, just as happened to 95-years-old Kineina Ayoub, who died in Khartoum under the same condition two days after suffering a severe asthma attack because of tear gas in mid-March.

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